Sunday, 1 April 2012


Now the competition has been closed I can finally put this brief up, because I didn't want cheeky designers googling what other students had submitted for this brief, and creating a better idea than me. 
(Not like I did that, suckerrrrs.)

Fedrigoni is an elite Italian paper company, who produce a massively impressive range of textured and coloured papers. The brief was to create a fully integrated campaign, that promotes their 'Imaginative Colours' paper selection tool. (See above) After much research I learnt that Fedrigoni are a proud family business, who enjoy creating a loyalty with their customers. During my time at university I have learnt that the best branding campaigns work when they have a strong story behind it. People go mad for it! 

With this in mind, this is what I came up with:


I decided to use the idea of which came first? Paper or colour? What if trees grew from coloured paper seeds into coloured trees? A location created where the finest coloured papers are produced due to their natural genetics? Colour palettes so unique the question which came first, colour or paper, needs to be asked? What if there was a Fedrigoni Forest? 

Stage 1 - Capturing

An interactive paper folded book, which tells the story of the Fedrigoni Forest. It contains separate cards, which allows the reader to pull out and explore. As the business progresses the story is told by younger generations of the family, giving reassurance that Fedrigoni is a loyal family business.

The reader is then informed on how to request a sample pack.

Stage 2 - Sampling

The paper pine cone represents the origin of the papers from Fedrigoni Forest. It displays an impressive range of colours and textures from the Imaginative Colours tool. Potential clients can hold and be inspired by the pine cone.  

Stage 3 - Purchasing

A short animation to be viewed prior to entering the Imaginative Colours Tool section online.

↓ So here are the presentation boards I submitted to the YCN Student Awards Competition... 

↓ and here are some more photos from this project 

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  1. Rachel this is beautiful! Fantastic job. Love the idea of a Fedrigoni forest, it's genius!