Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Being a designer really makes life difficult when it comes to designing your own CV. It really made me envy people who don't need a pretty CV, who can get away with hor-ren-dous word documents. I wanted my promotional work to represent my work, clean, sophisticated yet stylish. I chose fresh spring tones which team together nicely, just so happens they're my favourite colours too! I felt that most creative directors would like something fancy on their desks, not a loose bit of boring paper. The solution was to create a paper folded look book, showing a sneak peak of my portfolio, which I then sent in a follow up email. I also created a folding CV, to go along side my work.

The result so far is a placement at a Nottingham based Graphic Design agency, and an interview coming up in London! Fingers and tootsies crossed!

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