Monday, 12 December 2011


Final logo in colour & black and white
Early brand ideas board & brand concept/values presentation board
Homepage & children's pages layouts on the 'four' website
 Parent's & teacher's homepage and webpage layouts

At the beginning of this project we had to pick from a selection of random words. I chose immortality. We then had to create a complete brand based around our chosen words. Pretty early on into the project I realised I could do something with numbers and science, as they are infinite. After a couple of tutorials my brand was established. I created the idea that the basic building blocks in life, the 4 elements, are immortal. I also realised that the circle (a symbol for immortality) is present in many of these elements. This created my brand concept that 'elements are immortal, and circles symbolise the continuity of the elements.' I turned my brand into an exciting learning experience for primary school children, where they'd learn about the natural environment by exploring and hunting for circles. To package my brand, I created an interactive website to provide information for parents and teachers, and also simple yet fun learning pages for children, to provide a small taster of what my brand and experience is about.

(Over Christmas my aim is to make this a working website, so then I can show off my moving images which took forever to make. Watch this spaceee...)

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